Environmental protection service. When to call?

Call in cases of:

  • damaging or destruction of plants, forest floor cover;
  • illegal deforestation and cutting of other greenery;
  • setting up bonfires outside of areas designated for this purpose;
  • burning dead stubble, uncut and unharvested grass, reeds, corn and other crops;
  • air pollution when burning household, industrial and other waste (plastics, old tires, etc.);
  • pollution of bodies of water, land and forests with waste and other substances;
  • spills of hazardous chemicals, chemical or radiation incidents emitting hazardous substances into the environment;
  • having found potentially hazardous substances;
  • accidents inside a building (house, water supply, sewerage, etc.) that may or did pollute the environment;
  • mass deaths of fish, birds or wildlife;
  • poaching, violating fishing and hunting requirements;
  • injuries of wild animals in traffic accidents;
  • having observed a possibly sick, injured or dead wild animal.