About number 112

112 is a single contact number, available throughout the European Union and outside of its territory for reporting an accident or a sudden threat and for calling the emergency services – police, fire and rescue service and ambulance. It is free and is available 24/7.

In Lithuania, the Emergency Response Centre answers emergency calls to 112, and also informs the respective emergency services about the need for help.

Unlike in many European countries, emergency services in Lithuania also cover environmentalists, whose competence includes incidents with wild animals, reports of environmental violations, incidents with chemicals that are hazardous to people or the environment. Thus, four emergency services respond to requests for help when calling 112: the police, fire and rescue emergency service, emergency medical service and environmental protection service.

Calls to 112 can be made from any phone (payphone, landline, mobile and smart phone) dialling three digits only: 1, 1 and 2. Calls are free, thus can also be made without a SIM card. It is very important to note that calls to 112 have a priority in all communication networks, i.e., 112 is given priority in cases of high call traffic.

However, 112 can be reached not only by calling, but also by sending an SMS, using a mobile application or sending an eCall signal.