eCall system

eCall is a system for calling help by dialling 112 when a system installed in a car is activated automatically or manually, establishing a connection between the vehicle and the Emergency Response Centre. It is mandatory for all new types of passenger cars sold in the European Union since 31 March 2018, but can also be used in older cars if they are equipped with the necessary equipment.

In the event of a traffic accident, sensors installed in the car respond to a hit and activate the automatic system. It can also be activated manually by pressing the eCall button inside the car. The activated system determines the exact location of the car, the direction of its movement, the car model, type of fuel used, the number of passengers, and sends all these data to the Emergency Response Centre via mobile networks.

The information system of the Emergency Response Centre, in turn, sends automatic inquiries to SE “Regitra” and EUCARIS car databases and can obtain additional information about the car (e. g. license plate number, colour, etc.) from them.

Having received information on the vehicle involved in an accident, the necessary emergency services are sent to the scene of the accident.

Automatic emergency calls are particularly useful in cases where the driver and accompanying passengers are unconscious or injured and are unable to call 112 themselves. Faster arrival of emergency services can help save their lives.