Fire & rescue service. When to call?

Call in cases of:

  • a fire or other signs of burning (smoke, etc.) in a building, apartment or a house;
  • a car or another vehicle catching fire;
  • burning forests, trees, meadows, grass and other items in an open area;
  • burning unattended bonfires and waste;
  • a collapse of a building, its part or building structures;
  • when people have to be rescued from crushed cars, fallen trees, ruins, etc.;
  • when people have to be rescued from wells, deep pits, or when other rescue works have to be performed in deep depths;
  • drowning or drowned people, cars, animals;
  • the need for rescue works at a height;
  • having come across mercury, known or unknown chemicals, petroleum products;
  • spillage of various chemicals, pollutants from vehicles on hard surfaces or into the water;
  • having come across an obscure object bearing an ionizing radiation sign or another source of ionizing radiation;
  • when confirming the fact of a fire is necessary, even though the fire was extinguished without the assistance of fire and rescue forces.