Police. When to call?

Call in cases of:

  • a traffic accident when people were injured;
  • when obstacles on a road or unsafe driving endangers traffic safety;
  • attempts to kidnap, damage or destroy personal or public property;
  • a theft;
  • violence or coercion against a person;
  • certain circumstances posing a threat to life or health of a person (fell out of a window, off a bridge, etc.);
  • having found weapons, explosives or explosive-like objects;
  • having found or lost personal items and documents;
  • when a person goes missing, and his location or fate are unknown;
  • having spotted a suspicious or wanted person;
  • having found a corpse;
  • conducted illegal economic activities, violating business procedures;
  • keeping, selling and using narcotic substances;
  • public order violations, noise, alcohol consumption in public places;
  • reporting corruption;
  • incitement to hatred, dissemination of negative information on the Internet;
  • violations of election procedures;
  • violations of transit procedures or incidents with citizens of the Russian Federation traveling in transit through the territory of Lithuania.